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Download Barn Report here

Barn Report Requirements:
     PC running Windows 95 or higher, a
     standard internet Dial Up connection.

Barn Report Installation Instructions...
Download and run Download from hyperlink provided above. 

     Once you have downloaded the program, disconnect from the Internet and exit other programs before installing Barn Report. Follow the on screen instructions.

     We advise you accept the default program locations offered. Choosing other locations may alter the way the program runs and may affect our ability to provide technical support. Once the program is installed, it will run for the first time. You can run it straight away, or close the program and run it later.

     It's a good idea to set up a shortcut to the program. Open Windows Explorer and size the window so it doesn't fill the whole screen. Browse to C:\Program Files\Dicam\BarnReport\Bin and find the main program file BarnReport.exe. (Depending on your Explorer set up, it may show just BarnReport.) Left click on the program and drag it out of the Explorer window and onto your desktop. Later, just double click on the Barn Report shortcut to run the program. Having run Barn Report for the first time, you will see a "dicam data" folder on your desktop. Don't delete it.

     For customer privacy, data access is provided on a person by person and site by site basis. When first installed, Barn Report has no data files. These can be downloaded from the internet by Barn Report, but first you must be granted access.

      Access is set up using a file called "brinit.dat", which is sent to you by email. If you don't have this file, contact your Barn Report service provider by email (to confirm your exact return email address). Verifying access privileges may take a day or two. Once you receive your brinit.dat, put it in the "dicam data" folder on your desktop. Left-Click and drag it from the email to the dicam data folder, or choose File : Save Attachments As and save it as brinit.dat in the dicam data folder.

     Then run Barn Report. When started, Barn Report checks in the dicam data folder for data files and processes the files found accordingly. It will move the files to appropriate locations, and delete unnecessary files.

Data Download
     For maximum convenience and efficiency, Barn Report displays data off line. That is, an Internet connection is only used to download the latest files, but you can view data at any time.

     To download data, select File : Download Data or press the download data icon near the top right of the screen. 

     Having selected Download data, you may be offered a selection of sites, depending on your data access privileges.

     Tick the checkboxes next to the site(s) you want to download - in most cases, you will keep all the boxes checked to download data for all your sites every time (the program remembers your last selection) - then press OK.

      Barn Report will then start your Dial Up Connection -enter your password if necessary - and download the latest data for the selected site(s). You will see this screen, followed by more details of progress as it downloads the data files. When it has completed the task, it will hang up the connection.

If you have problems downloading data

  1. Try again later (the Internet may be busy).
  2. Try using a different Dial Up Connection if you have one. Select File : Preferences : Download. Check the "Use Connection" box and choose another Dial Up Connection. You may find it helps to increase the FTP Timeout setting.
  3. Try connecting to the internet (either using Internet Explorer, or double clicking on the Dial Up Connection in My Computer : Dial Connection) and then choose Barn Report download. (In this case, Barn Report won't hang up when it has downloaded, so don't forget to hang up the connection (Disconnect) after download is complete.
  4. Select File : View Download Log. This shows the transactions of your last download session and may indicate the problem. For example, an entry of "No user match" indicates that permission is denied for this site.

     For technical support on download - Select File : View Download Log; select File : Save As and save the file as 'YOURNAME'.txt. Email with a description of the problem, and attach the file 'YOURNAME'.txt (this should be found in the folder C:\BrLogging).

Problems installing or running Barn Report
      If you have problems, or want more advice installing or running Barn Report, call your Barn Report service provider, or email outlining the nature of the problem.

Data by Email 
     For users who have problems downloading data from the server using a Dial Up Connection, we can send data file updates by email. This is a little less convenient than Data Download, and may increase Barn Report subscription rates.

     Updated data files are sent to you, attached to emails. To use these files, drag and drop the attached files into the dicam data folder on your desktop before you run Barn Report. Note : Since email is less assured than downloading files from the server, there is an increased risk of missing data, so this option is only used if other options fail.

PCs without email or Dial Up Connection
     Barn Report can be used on PCs without a modem and or Internet connection, but in this case you will have to transfer the files manually (from a PC that does have a connection). In this case, install Barn Report on both PCs in the normal way, making sure you use brinit.dat on both PCs. (Note : you need to install Barn Report using brdemo.exe on both PCs, copying the program files is not sufficient.)

     Download data in the normal way using Barn Report on the PC that has the internet connection. Copy the files and folders from the C:\BrLogging folder to the second PC using a floppy or zip disk.



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