Dicam triggers alarm systems, records data, runs equipment

Barn Report software displays your ventilation data, helps you spot trouble, save money

"Monitor Only" system piggy-backs on existing facilities

Computer users check building's environment during bad weather

Save $ by gradually dimming creep lamps through Dicam

Feed Auger Run Time used to schedule feed deliveries

Dicam's Component-based network cheaper, more flexible


Dicam's Component-based network cheaper, more flexible

Dicam's flexibility is derived from the fact that its networks are component based.  Your Dicam network is built from high-quality components from specifications you select.  The network will have the ability to control and monitor any device that you want to hook up to it.

For instance, do you want to record wind direction and speed?  If so, an electronic weather vane can be hooked up to the network.  What about fans?  How many do you want? How many stages do you want to have?  Dicam can accommodate almost any configuration.  Or do you want to measure how often your heaters were on? Or how much your augers run?  Dicam can measure that for you as well.  Any device that gives off an electronic reading (such as temperature sensors, water meters, scales, etc) can be recorded through the Dicam network! 

Flexibility also comes from the Dicam control box which is powered by a computer chip that is so flexible that it can be re-programmed to accept new or different inputs at any time!

Dicam networks are also economical to maintain compared to conventional controllers.  For instance, when lightening strikes your building, your control system is going to take a hit, whether it is Dicam or 'Brand X'.  But Dicam's component based architecture will allow you to only replace the pieces that have been ruined.  Other manufacturers sell an all-in-one 'box' that will have to be replaced, at great expense!



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